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The Geko to PC cable is Serial port connection. Laptop doesn't have a Serial port; other than for external monitor. It's advised to get a Serial to USB connector cable, so the Geko must be capable of communicating with some map progs, though not Pocket FMS?

One of the Garmin options is a Serial to USB, that includes the cigar plug you mentioned. I'd been hoping, not to power up in the car but to use external power whilst connected to the laptop, fiddling.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Yep - it can be a bit of a minefield.

I can get Pocket FMS on my iPAQ to talk to my Tom Tom GPS Bluetooth receiver
I can get Pocket FMS on the PC to take signals from FS2004 via a COM port.
I can get FS2004 to send signals to the Garmin via a COM port but not USB.
I can get Pocket FMS to receive data from the Garmin via a COM port but not

After that I get a bit confused.. <g>


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Any GPS with a serial output will work with MS Autoroute, Personal Navigator, Pocket FMS, Oziexplorer, to give a 'moving map' display. (from personal experience)

Don't know too much about USB or Blue tooth connections for same.



Gerry Winskill wrote:

Another year less young and one of my new toys is a Garmin Geko 201.
They're really intended for cycling, hiking and sailing, to none of
which I feel irresistably re drawn!

Now, it will obviously be possible to enter the scheduled stopping
places for January's cruise but the mobile-phone-sized display would be
a bit sparse. Has anyone experience of linking one of these things to a
laptop based Interactive World Atlas or, better still, to FSNav?

Off to look for rechargeable AAAs and charger, since an hour seems to
about battery life. Why is it most presents I get seem to involve me in
additional expense? Some variation on Sod's law?

Gerry Winskill

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