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On my first attempt to load data from Garmin to Garmin's MapSource World, I had a similar result. Connected via Serial to USB adaptor, loaded the adaptor driver etc and all looked OK. First try at waypoint transfer and the software told me to use the Options menu to check there was a connection. It couldn't find a connection and none of the remedial suggestions had any effect. Whilst fiddling with some manual waypoint insertions, and goig to save the file, I noticed File Import Data. I tried that and it immediately found the Garmin and uploaded the waypoints! There are clearly times when it pays to ignore TFM!

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Forget FSNav. The only data direction we have for FS right now is out - from
FS to a GPS unit - thanks to the GPSOut software. I must admit that I would
also like to see some sort of GPSIn software but I doubt this will be

If a GPS position is fed into FS then the program needs to know how to
handle it. It could do the reverse of GPSOut and feed you current position
into FS but I guess this is somewhat pointless as few GPS users would
actually be in motion and also have the time to run a laptop with FS running
on it. It might be possible for the incoming signal to be detected as AI
traffic but then you would have to chase it in FS to find out where it is
going. The latter option would be very handy for me as I could feed the data
from the SBS1 into FS and have real traffic flying around the skies.

There are many GPS program written for the PC. Some are static like Waypoint
or GPSUtility - all you can do is download the stored track from your device
and it will plot this on the screen - whilst others like Pocket FMS are live
feed programs. Pocket FMS should work if the data signal is compatible. It
uses the standard NMEA format so if your little device can output this via
the data cable you should be laughing. The downside is that PocketFMS only
detects signals from COM ports so if your unit is USB only then you won't
get it to work

Don't rush out to buy lots of batteries. My Garmin has several cable options
one of which is a combined data/power cable. This allows you to plug the
unit into a PC and also feed the power to external sources. The GPSIII is
quite versatile in this respect as it will take any DC power from 9v up to
28v - and I have happily plugged it in an aircraft's 28v socket as well as
feed it from a 12v transformer sitting under this desk.


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Another year less young and one of my new toys is a Garmin Geko 201. They're really intended for cycling, hiking and sailing, to none of which I feel irresistably re drawn!

Now, it will obviously be possible to enter the scheduled stopping
places for January's cruise but the mobile-phone-sized display would be
a bit sparse. Has anyone experience of linking one of these things to a
laptop based Interactive World Atlas or, better still, to FSNav?

Off to look for rechargeable AAAs and charger, since an hour seems to be
about battery life. Why is it most presents I get seem to involve me in
additional expense? Some variation on Sod's law?

Gerry Winskill

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