[jhb_airlines] Fw: [UKscenery2] FSX and UK Photographic scenery

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this might interest the list
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Subject: Re: [UKscenery2] FSX and UK Photographic scenery

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the support and kudos you've all been so kind as to afford me 
here. Yes, it's certainly a shame in some ways that I'm not involved in the 
development of the new high res photo scenery but the upside is that at 
least I'll get to fly the new scenery and be able to fully enjoy it as a 
user rather than worrying about the technicalities all the time! Should be 
fun if the Horizon demo is anything to go by!

The supreme irony is that as Horizon have allowed me to re-sell the scenery 
via the Visual Flight web site (something that was not possibly with the 
original scenery!), I actually stand to make very substantially more on each 
copy sold (via my web site only) than I did as a developer!!! If any of you 
are interested in maybe giving a little back in this way, you can pre-order 
VFR Generation X here:


Sorry if that makes this post sound a little cheeky - that's not my 
intention, but I am aware that some of you would rather I mention this than 
keep quiet about it. In terms of what it gets you, basically it's the same 
as ordering direct from Horizon (the Add to Cart button takes you to their 
site to complete the order), and they've promised to time the pre-order 
deliveries so that you should receive your order through the post on the 
same day or possibly a little before it's available in the retail outlets.

Just a word about FSX itself. I was riddled with doubts about it's 
performance until I tried the Horizon demo. The photo scenery totally 
transforms it performance wise, and even on a relatively humble PC like my 
own, it's just totally smooth and flyable even at 1m photo and 10m mesh with 
no problems of blurries getting in the way of enjoying things (apart from 
sometimes when switching views). The same is true of the Just Flight demo as 
well of course, though I've not measured the relative performance between 
the two demos to see if one has the edge or not.

If anyone has any questions about the new photo sceneries, I'll do my best 
to answer them - bearing in mind that I'm really not involved at all at the 
development level, so can only "say what I see".

Sorry I've not been around in ukscenery so much lately. Hope you're all 

Just a quick update on Shep for those of you who are not aware: Shep's been 
in hospital the last several days having suffered a stroke. He's back hope 
now and in good spirits, particularly as he's been cleared of even worse 
health worries and now just has to work at regaining the full use of his 
left hand and arm - which hopefully will come with time. He's back online 
now and getting back into FSX etc with as much enthusiasm as ever.



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Subject: Re: [UKscenery2] FSX and UK Photographic scenery

> Phil,
>> Yes it's a great shame Mally is no longer able to be involved,<
> An understatment! Darn it, Mally INVENTED the idea!
> I don't understand how such things work, why should a 'licence agreement'
> prohibit him from profiting from his ideas?
> Of course 5 will get you 10 that our existing VFR/GM package won't work in
> FSX......
> Regards
> Kit
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