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I presume then that using FSInn is simply an alternative for those who can't
use SB3 or cannot get along with the interface?

It is interesting that FSInn says it will work with all FSD servers as this
would suggest it would plug in to my private FSD server - which I haven't
run since FS2002 days. Must read SB3 to see if it can do the same - or is
locked to VATSIM.

Mind you I think we have all come a long way since then..


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When you startup FSInn(some time since I last used it) it takes time to read

ALL your installed aircraft. Heaven help those with hundreds. I believe that

this happens every time.
Will have to reload it and have another go, but you are supposed to be able
to start a Vatsim or FPI or FSInn session from the dropdown menu. Your
detalis are all inputted at first start.
Frank F

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