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I've just had a read through the hefty manual and FSInn doesn't appear to
use a model set at all. It seems to work on actual FS aircraft.

From what my quick scan through the doc seems to infer you must use the
Synchronise database function. This sends your FS aircraft details to the
FSInn server so that they are recognised in the system. Once uploaded the
data is accessible to other pilots too.

There is a bit more about using the FSInn Aircraft menu but I didn't read
that fully. My assumption is that as soon as someone ports their FS aircraft
collection to the FSInn server then the JHB repaints they have installed
(flyable aircraft - not AI) will be coded and recognised by others with the
same aircraft in their folders.

How the heck this all works with non FSInn users I haven't the faintest


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FSInn is an alternative to SB3 see www.mcdu.com

Some prefer it.  I haven't tried it out yet.  It has a smaller on
screen presence when minimised.  Some Cix pilots use it and we
seem to all be able to see each other as the right aircraft,
except where they don't exist in either database.  SB3 then gives
you the silly paper plane, FSInn gives you a C172 i believe.


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