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Hi Paul

I noticed a 'small' drop in frame rates when engaging FSInn, but perhaps that can be expected for any ATC client.

Maybe when viewing a lot of other MP aircraft on the ground, for example, the drop in frame rates could be a lot more (to be expected).

It may well be because of the manner in which FSInn renders other MP aircraft.

There is an option in FSInn to limit the number of MP planes displayed, and also maximum range.

Having a quick glance through the FSInn Forum I can't see any reference to adverse frame rates, which would seem to speak for itself



Paul wrote:
FSInn vs Squawkbox 3 was covered in the July/Aug PC Pilot, they say FSInn
hammered framerates on their test machine from 25fps to as low as 5 but they
were opening multiple windows (including TCAS).  Not sure if there's a
network install option for FS Inn which may resolve this.  For those
considering FSInn, it's supposedly runs on all Winows platforms from 98 on.

Oddly enough, the article was primarily about flying online with VATSIM but
on the cover disk they included FPI files!


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SB3 is locked to Vatsim at the moment and likely to be so for some time if not always.

Reading the research being done by bones and others here, plus my
knowledge of the quirks of SB3, I am beginning to get the
distinct gut feeling that FSInn is the better of the two tools.
I must try it out.


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