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Only vaguely heard of FSInn so I'll have to ask the inevitable. What is it?

If it is a replacement for SB3 then I can only assume it must have an
identical aircraft collection. If not then FSInn users won't see the
aircraft of SB3 users - just those of other FSInn users...


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Thanks Bones/Phil for these texture files.

The read me file specifically refers to SB3.

Can these textures be used with FSInn, and and idea how I could carry
out the necessary 'tweaks'?



Bones wrote:

> Oh yes..  Phil's file is for the VATSIM JHB AI aircraft fleet - a
> seven texture set that will coat a lot of the SB3 VIP AI aircraft in
> JHB colours. Just read the install carefully as it is a 3 stage
> process - dropping the textures into FS, adding new sections to the
> VIP aircraft.cfg file and, finally, adding the SMS data to SB3 so it
> will transmit the JHB details to other users.
> Phil has also repainted the PMDG B737-900 in JHB colours too which
> completes their Boeing collection.

> Many thanks to Phil for his sterling work here..
> bones
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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