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Aah! that's the rub.

I do have a VIP.SMS file but that is in the Squawkbox 3 directory.
I don't at present use Squawkbox 3.

However, I found the aircraft.cfg file in the VIP root directory, and will modify it as per Phil's instructions <G>

Can't find a direct equivalent of the VIP.SMS file in the FSInn folders, however will have a go at modifying the default aircraft in the FSInn configuration.

Thanks again.


Bones wrote:
In that case install as per Phil's instructions regarding the texture
folders (texture.jjhb1 etc) and add the data to the aircraft.cfg file -
which ought to be in the VIP folder too.

My next guess is that you should have a VIP.SMS file somewhere in your FSInn
folder. If not it MUST have some sort of cfg file to recognise the other VIP
aircraft. There again it might possibly be automatic (and I've just seen a
pig fly past the window).

Have a dig around.


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"FSInn is able to use any aircraft installed on your aircraft directory
to display remote traffic.
Its why FSInn need to scan aircraft on startup."

FSInn has the VIP aircraft in it's download section
(Standard/airlines/GA etc.)

In my \aircraft\VIP directory I have many folders e.g.

model.ja318 etc etc.

AND many texture files e.g.

texture.jaah  etc. etc.

The model.cfg file typically reads:-

normal=JA30B (for model.ja30b)

One of the options when setting up FSInn is:-

Use VIP Models in resolving: will allow you to activate the integration
of AI aircrafts from VIP model base.

So it seems that FSInn CAN use VIP models, I think that the problem is
how to I integrate Phil's textures into my VIP database?

Sorry if the above is a bit jumbled up <G>


Alastair wrote:

Thanks Bones/Phil for these texture files.

The read me file specifically refers to SB3.

Can these textures be used with FSInn, and and idea how I could carry
out the necessary 'tweaks'?



Bones wrote:

Oh yes..  Phil's file is for the VATSIM JHB AI aircraft fleet - a
seven texture set that will coat a lot of the SB3 VIP AI aircraft in
JHB colours. Just read the install carefully as it is a 3 stage
process - dropping the textures into FS, adding new sections to the
VIP aircraft.cfg file and, finally, adding the SMS data to SB3 so it
will transmit the JHB details to
other users.

Phil has also repainted the PMDG B737-900 in JHB colours too which
their Boeing collection.

Many thanks to Phil for his sterling work here..



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