[jhb_airlines] From AVSIM today

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 04:44:22 +0100

"When Just Flight published VFR Photographic Scenery for FS2002 it was
greeted with a warm reception by simmers. Now Just Flight has teamed with
Infoterra Ltd, a leader in the provision of aerial data, in order to produce
another series of amazing photographic scenery packages for Flight Simulator
X. ?VFR Real Scenery? is due for release at the same time as Flight
Simulator X and is set to transform the scenery of the British Isles for
virtual pilots. Initial coverage will be of England and Wales with other
areas scheduled for the near future. For more information check the
JustFlight web site."

Interesting. I've no idea if Mally knows about this, is involved (I doubt
this) or plans to do anything himself. The source data for the above isn't
GetMapping but InfoTerra - it goes on to say that "GeoPerspectives(TM) is a
joint venture between Infoterra and BlueSky International Ltd."

What it does not say is the quality of the GeoPerspectives archive data or
the planned resolution for FSX. Bear in mind that the resolution in FSX can
go far greater than the 4.86m/pixel limit in FS2004.


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