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The lag is not caused by the servers, it's actually caused by your machines
processing the data it's receiving.  If it were the server then the delays
would be in both directions not just one.  You are right in that Tom
formated on what he is seeing not on what you are transmitting but what you
are seeing is his data as sent to you.  If you're processing his data
quicker then he will appear to lag, if Tom is processing data quicker then
it's you who would appear to lag.

It's one of those things that to test prpoerly you would need two identical
machines both with identical configurations and equidistant from the servers
(in ping terms).  Something I don't think we can achieve.

There are a few measures that can be taken to minimise the impact of lag
though.  Unloading any non-essential TSR's and drivers (memory resident
programmes for the non-techies) being the most obvious.  Running both FS and
Windows in the same mode, optimising graphics card/windows data exchange (in
most cases allowing the Application to control graphics resources rather
than configuring the graphics driver, though this may be different for FSX).

So it's not server lag but client processing lag.


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Mr Smith and I have just been looking at how the three monitor setup
affects formation flying.
It's certainly easier to keep sight of the aircraft you're formating on.
In PClub the aircraft are rock steady. The problem is server lag. When
Tom saw he was alongside me, I saw him still 2 miles astern and closing
Interesting. Tiring as well.

Gerry Winskill

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