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  • Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 07:56:13 -0000

The same comments apply to the F100. I think the ROC priority is an FS9 fault.
Did you check the weights, before T/O ? In the case of the F100 it is grossly 
as standard. With full pax and fuel, I've had to reduce cargo weight to 240lbs 
and Pax 
Wt to 13600 lbs, to get down to max AUW. At that wt, with the listed 8 deg 
flap, it gets 
off at Belfast City with no runway left, which doesn't sound too realistic. To 
get it to 
maintain list climb speed, before the change in load, I'd had to apply about 
1.4 Thrust 
Scalar. Before that the climb speed would fall to about 145 kias. With the 
revised load 
it's OK up to about FL 250, after which I have to reduce to 1500 fpm; speed is 
still a bit 
low. At FL290, at listed cruise of m=0.70, it's using N2=93%, which, again, 
seems a bit 
high. Overall, it's probably still a bit underpowered for its aerodynamics. 
What N2 would 
be reasonable, for listed cruise speed?
 F70 and F100 use the same panel and the inbuilt wind gauge seems to agree with 
FSNav and Shift Z for direction but not speed. On, or near, the ground they 
seem to 
agree, so perhaps it's designed only for ground level windspeed. I can't spot 
the integral 
wind gauge so perhaps it's part of the display, rather than following the more 
convention of displaying a separate gauge, within it. Since I can't identify 
and eliminate 
it, I've placed my normal wind gauge to appear immediately to its left.
Overall, it's rapidly become my first choice medium range jet. I particularly 
like it's 
stabillity, on a manual ILS approach. On short finals the F100 is a bit 
different to the 
masses in that aeleron track corrections have to be more sensitively handled 

Gerry Winskill

On 24 Dec 2004 at 1:51, Bones wrote:

> Having just flown this aircraft from Barking Sands to Tern Island I
> can say that it is a lovely aircraft to fly. I have two observations
> though. First is that I had to be careful climbing above FL300 as the
> autopilot seems to give priority to rate of climb over airspeed.
> Passing through FL310 the speed started to creep down below 200kts and
> I had to force the ROC down from 1800fpm to a more sensible 1000fpm. I
> had to reduce this further approaching FL370.
> Most aircraft autopilot systems now seem to have some intelligence
> built in so that if the rate of climb at high levels begins to affect
> airspeed then they sacrifice the former for the latter - effectively
> they are speed priority rather than ROC priority (which was a bad
> feature of FS5).
> With a second test I actually left the aircraft to its own devices
> but, by FL330 the speed was down to 145kts and still dropping so I
> gave this up.
> Second observation is the wind readout on the HSI. This shows a wind
> velocity twice that of the FS2004 wind. I suspect this is carry over
> of the gauge used in FS2002 because the default wind in that sim was
> definitely wrong. Unfortunately this isn't an XML gauge or else I
> could have changed it. It is a standard GAU file written in C+ or
> something similar so it remains inviolate to me. I might drop PF an
> email about it.
> Other than that it's a very nice aircraft to fly and I just about got
> it into Tern Island - a 6000ft coral runway but with trees at each
> end.
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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