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  • From: franklyn fisher <ff006c5886@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 12:04:32 +0000

On the flightsim.com site. There is a very good article on flying helicopters, in the 'How To' series, by Dan Morand.
He has also put a file in the library called 'helihelp.zip'.
I myself love heli flying, and have signed up to Hovercontrol.com, must admit to not being active there. I also have the Thrustmaster Topgun Afterburner flight stick combo, the cheap version of the Saitak X45. The only way to fly Helis. Now that I have uprated my video card from an ATI 9600Pro AGP to an ATI X1650 Pro AGP ( the 9600 is now looking for a good home) , the Bell Jetranger is a piece of cake to fly. I understand, that FSX has had the Heli simulation uprated as well, to be more realistic. I too have used the the HUD upgrade, but until uprating the video, it has been of little use with the Bell. The Hovercontrol site has an vast range of helis for down load, altho the Gazelle is difficult to master, it thinks it has wheels but no brakes, and if you have anything less than stable hover, your landing will skate across the landscape.
I can recommend downloading the Hovercontrol training scenery(FS8/9)
I flew from Valley to IOM on Tuesday evening , in the Bell, and made a peachy landing on the apron, Bones was on APP at the time.
Frank F

Kev Townsend wrote:
Having purchased Visual Flight's latest masterpiece Farnborough, Thanks Carl and Mally!

I have been discovering the treasures (like cones and pallets leaning against a hangar wall) flying the Jet Ranger.... I have the Saitek X45 setup and am using the incredible HUD from Steve Hanley - This comes with a fantastic Hover Training module which really brings flying rotary aircraft home! After just a few days I am able to achieve a hover albeit in 10 second spells.

Researching the phenomena I came across this which I urge anyone with an inkling for choppers to read! (or anyone who needs a chuckle)


Happy Landings

Kev T

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