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Sounds as though you are trying to constuct your own version of the 'Copycat system' I think that is who I am thinking of, whereby they use a modified Saitek stick as the base unit.

The alternate, is to extend the stick, such as for a Chopper control, after all, you do not need a lot of movement to get the reaction. Would be a lot cheaper and easier to construct. Put a double bend in the extention, so that the base is in front of your feet.( or mounted on the pedal base). Only necessary to extend the wiring, and place the grip on the top of the extention.

Been thinking of doing it my self sometime.


Ps personal email on its way as well.

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This project of mine is progressing. I have dismantled the Microsoft joystick and converting it to floor mounting is, in fact going to be quite easy. However I need a reasonably solid gimbal mount for the new joystick. The idea is to mount the new stick about 4 inches up its shaft on the gimbals, and the short "tail" beneath the gimbal will operate the stub shaft of the original Microsoft unit, connected via a ball joint at such a position as to get the correct movement ratio
at the top of the new handle.  This can be calculated quite easily.

Can anyone point me at a source of a simple cheap gimbal - perhaps the sort of thing used to hold up
yacht bulkhead lamps, without paying chandlery prices!


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