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  • Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 19:42:53 +0100

Birmingham is a good two to two and a half hours drive but if monies allow
and the car doesn't cost a fortune MOTing (due beginning of Nov. I'll try
and get there.


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A JHB get-together - sounds good to me.

Who else lives within a reasonable distance of the NEC?  Or maybe it's
just thee and me, Mike, and we will simply have to take refreshment on
behalf of the others .... ;-)

Mike L

Mike Brook wrote:
> Maybe an opportunity for a mass meet...?
> MikeB
> ps I'm fairly certain that the link is clean, Mike L will appreciate
> that I suspect it was down to Micro$oft's paranoia...
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>> I've followed that link and all seems well. Looks like an impressive
>> show this year.
>> bones

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