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Wow, even though I'm 34 it's been a while since I was called "young"!!


Bones wrote:
Apart from young Phil I reckon most of us now qualify for the cheaper rate.

It sank home last week when a slip of a girl in a shop asked me if I wanted
to apply for their OAP card..


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I'd spotted the over-55 concession but decided not to mention it in case either - the youngsters on this list felt discriminated against; or - the old-timers considered it a slight against their ability to pay their way.

Being in the latter category myself, I'm happy to accept any such
benefits that come my way.  Another year till my bus pass though ...

Mike L

Mike Brook wrote:
I was intrigued to find that (as an "over-55") I can buy a ticket in
advance in the "OAP" category.  I get my bus-pass as it is this
November, is this yet another benefit of being an old codger?


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