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The holiday in express south hall green, I'm at the Oldbury one meself, going to be a nice drive round the M5 and M42 every morning at 6am! whooo...the things we do for this hobby eh?

Mike Brook wrote:
Where are they booked into, Alex?
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I'm going Friday, Sat, Sunday with Grant and Stefan. Unfortunately they have decided to stay at a hotel a good 7 motorway junctions away.... its gonna be fun!


Mike Brook wrote:
Mike -

The A45 will probably be a nightmare.  The M42 should still be your best
bet despite the expected high volume of traffic.  The flow is usually
reasonably well controlled and, providing that you are patient, you
should find it marginally less stressful.  Remember to take the sleeping
bag, warm blanket and flask of coffee <G>.  Your Rugby suggestion may
well be feasible but the extra cost is probably not worth it.  Have you
considered a helicopter and an abseil rope...?


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