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Ah - the infamous grain silo's at Popham! The rather good map in
Pooley's is a good guide as to how to get into that airfield..

I hope you haven't missed all my other postings about FPI but I am
aiming for regular Tuesday night sessions. This coming Tuesday is going
to be busy as the KLM VA are intending to "visit" the UK in numbers and
should nicely complement our JHB crews. More on this in a separate

I don't know what the Squirrels have as standard equipment but if the
police models are fitted with AUTO STAB then they can indeed set it up
very nicely for stationary flight. I don't recall if the pilot has to
compensate for wind manually or if this is built into the system - I
suspect the latter. They have the advantage of those perspex panels at
floor level that makes it much easier to lock visually onto a point and
keep it in sight.


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> In another world, I've been to Popham as a dry run for a flyout 
> later in the month.  Very interesting! On final you fly 20 
> degrees north of the runway heading (i.e. 240 degrees for runway 
> 26, then turn onto 260 once over the arrow marked on the ground, 
> at about 30 feet agl!  Runway 08 is similar, but the aiming point 
> is a group of grain silos.  I didn't try that one.
> I tried to do the flight on FPI, but the UK was bare - no ATC no 
> planes.  Any progress on a "UK Night" John?
> Another fun exercise is to try and land a 172 on Portland Naval 
> Base (helicopter) airfield. It can be done.
> On the subject of helicopters, I inadvertently ran into a police 
> manhunt this morning.  I was held for an hour at a roadblock 
> whilst a twin Squirrel circled overhead.  When he spotted his 
> man, he hovered overhead rock steady for about 15 minutes (the 
> wanted person was in dense woodland).  Do these aircraft have 
> ground radar that can lock them in a position through an 
> autopilot?  He didn't drift with wind at all, as I would have 
> expected.  If it hadn't been for watching the helo, I'd have been 
> rather annoyed!
> Peter

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