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Awful news. It's especially bad for the members who have poured a lot of
time and effort into the FPI infrastructure (like yourself) who have no say
in the matter. It was the same when FPI originally shut down the Divisions
with pages and pages of hard work from the UK guys being redundant
overnight. FPI are brilliant software developers but their management skills
have been woeful.
With FPI closing down the future for any JHB online activity is a little
unclear. I still have the FSD server software on my system but that was
originally designed to work with Pro Controller and Squawkbox 2 - I'm not at
all convinced it will work with any later software. I guess we could always
test it. If this is not possible the other avenue to explore would be if FPI
provide (or release) a server software so we could create our own online
network. I never really understood how the FSD software worked (it was only
168k) but even on my PC it seemed to handle 12/15 aircraft without a glitch.
If those ideas fall through then the only logical step is for pilots to
decide if VATSIM is within their grasp. I would probably move back again but
only at Ronaldsway as I am not at all interested in learning the huge volume
of material for real world Centre operations again. Mike can probably fill
us in on current VATSIM operations and maybe suggest some tips for an easy
transition. My guess is that those pilots who plan their IFR flights well
and have all the paperwork for a route would adjust to VATSIM quite quickly
but those who are used to FPI controllers giving radar services from 50nm
out and just being fed onto the ILS may be wise to start off with VFR
flights and use these to suss out how the ground lies.
In the meantime I'll probably shut down the UK_FPI email list. Most FPI
controllers are on the JHB list already and I am more than happy to have you
stay for the chat and goings on. JHB is recognised by VATSIM so anyone who
would like a JHB pilot ID would be given one quite gladly.
In the meantime I'll have a look at the FSD software notes..

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Over the past 3+ years I have come to know most of you through JHB's
dealings with FPI. 

In that time there have been some ups and many downs but we have seen it
through with ideas, laughs and some intelligent conversation (well..not from

However, from an E-Mail I received this morning it looks like FPI will
continue no more, estimated "Power off" date is due to be early next week. 

I have been asked not to communicate this to "my" members until the
providers are ready to release to the world, however I see no loss for
anybody by telling you all now. 

Obviously we all know the reason, lack of activity and lack of management
from the top levels down. However I am still s lightly dissapointed that it
is all happening so quickly. 

On the other side there is the cost, the providers have been paying this
silently for well over 4 years now, The price being in the region of ?300
per calendar month for the whole network. 

In the time it has been running FPI has massed up a minimum of ?16,000 worth
of expendature for very little reward or recognition. It is hardly fair on
the providers and staff to keep footing these bills, and to allow the
network to go "payware" would, of course, be unacceptable. 

I am sad at this loss, not because of the network, but because of the
friends I have come to make over the past few years, none of whom I have
ever met, but I still feel honoured to know them. 

To the Pilots of JHB, and a handful of others, I would like to say thank you
for all your dedication. It is of no surprise to anyone that you alone have
kept the network running. Every week dedicated pilots and controllers attend
our UK and Ireland events and it has been that way since I joined. 

It is with pride I say that we have been the envy of the network! and that
is no understatement. 

I would, therefore, like to invite everybody to this Wednesdays FPI event,
one which will most probably be the last major (ha!) event held on FPI and I
would like to fly with you gentlemen one last time on this network. 

I have been a member of this list for the past year as UK and Ireland
Country Rep/President and, as there will be no more network, I would imagine
that I no longer hold privalidge to join in, therefore as your FPI
representative I shall say my goodbye. 

I send this mail now as the mailserver may be taken down anyday!

There are plans afoot for a smaller, non structured organisation using the
FPI software to be set up, this would ,as plans stand, be simply a
multiplayer server on which the FPI software and ATC client will work. 

However details have yet to be clarified. 

For those of you that are after a structured ATC network I am sad to suggest
that you now look elsewhere. I'm sure we all know the alternatives:

Having been UK director at some point on both the main alternatives I
reccomed them both heartily, however I know that the community spirit here
at FPI can never be matched at either. 

Thank you for the brilliant times gentlemen, it has been an honour to serve!

Forever your humble servant, 


Alex Barrett
FPI - UK & Ireland President 

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