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I'd just like to correct a possible misconception here. JHB has been
operating for about 10 years and it has only been in the latter period that
any online ATC involvement has evolved. The failure of FPI may affect your
flying pleasure but it has no direct impact on the airline.

Users who like ATC may wish to see what the options I listed in my first
post may develop into. Those who just like flying in company may explore the
multiplayer options again (like Rory's). It's entirely up to the pilots
which direction they wish to explore rather than any edict I issue.


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So sad to hear the news.

But not unexpected.

Many thanks for all the work, you and the rest of the FPI providers have
done and to all the managers/directors etc, you know who you are.

A least keep in touch for the interim, depending on the direction that Bones

will now want to take.

I myself will miss the sessions, both as a flyer and controller, but as
everyone has been aware for some time, it could not continue.

I would be one of the first to use a new multiplayer server, if it means
keeping JHB together.

With great sadness

Frank F

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