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Wise words Mike.

I can confirm that the FSD server software doesn't work with either FPI or
ASRC. I presume the former uses different "language" and it has built in
voice which FSD wouldn't recognise. The new ASRC/AVC software in VATSIM only
works with an inbuilt server listing - you can't adjust this.

This means the options are now "FPI Lite" if it ever appears, VATSIM/IVAO or
MP sessions.


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Although I gave up FPI some months back, because of the inexplicable
failure of the software, I nevertheless share the sadness and
disappointment already expressed by others.  Whatever its ultimate
failings, FPI gave the JHB team some good sessions - from which all of
us will have gained enjoyment and valuable experience (flying, ATC - and
setting up software).

Bones said "Mike can probably fill us in on current VATSIM operations
and maybe suggest some tips for an easy transition."  Well, since
leaving FPI for VATSIM I have achieved only a very modest number of
flying hours there.  Not through any problems with VATSIM I hasten to
add, but simply pressure of other interests.

Starting with a few VFR flights mightn't be a bad idea (and Peter Dodds
is really your man here), but there's no reason why you shouldn't go
straight to IFR provided you pick your session carefully.  Most of you
probably know that VATSIM attracts a lot of traffic, to the extent that
ATC has to be very curt at times.  During such busy spells, the
controllers do not have the time to linger or to give extended coverage
as we have enjoyed under FPI.  Once you're out of a controlled sector
you're on your own.  However with ServInfo you will see that there are
quieter times, when pilots with less experience of online ATC, or who
are less confident of their airmanship and abilities to respond quickly
to ATC, will be more at ease.  Most of the controllers that I have come
across on VATSIM have tried to make allowance for newbies.  And if Bones
did feel able to go back to VATSIM at EGNS your initial VATSIM flights
could be local, based around Ronaldsway, just to have a familiar voice
on the other end of the line.

Much as I like the idea of starting up a 'private' FPI server, I regret
that my unsolved problem with ATOC would prevent me from joining.

Hope I might start seeing some of you on VATSIM.

Mike L

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