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You need an Edgley Optica. <vbg>


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One of the things I find frustrating about the lack of eyepoint control
in FSX is that you know the sharpest section of Horizon scenery is just
out of view. Try launching the Top Down window, or whatever it's called,
and the view is spectacularly sharp. Since it gets sharper the closer
you get, then the best view is always unobtainable.

Gerry Winskill

Alex - Reheat.org wrote:

> Well I must admit I am almost converted, have been flying around the
> south of england with only a few minor bugs to piddle me off with this
> absolutely stunning scenery.
> So much was I pleased that I planned a proper flight, EGKA to Bewl
> Water, off the ground at EGKA, turn right at MID, everyone happy until
> about 4 minutes later when I check my stopwatch, look at my kneeboard
> and start to doubt my navigation... off to my right should be Ardingly
> reservoir... but it isn't, about 15nm ahead should be Bewl.... the
> largest body of water South of Birmingham, but it isnt. I dial into
> Seaford and Detling and I'm where I think I am, and where I should
> be...but no water!
> Check the top down view.absolutely no reservoirs within 200 miles!
> nothing even mildly blue... check the GPS... apparently everywhere
> south of london city is  flooded according to the GPS so that is no
> good (!?!?!) just tried to post on the Horizon forums  but no..got to
> wait for my account to be activated by admin...which has been pending
> since 11am this morning.
> Absolutely stunning visuals when it works...but where it doesn't its
> abysmal. I seriously can't believe that there was ANY beta testing of
> this product at all. Its going to be stunning when it is fixed but
> until then, I really do want my money back.
> Alex

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