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I suppose I'm a little surprised that you've only just discovered Firefox,
John <g> - it's been available in stable form for some time.  The Beeb are a
bit behind too.  I've been using it for at least a couple of years - much
lighter on its feet than IE, more configurable.  Unfortunately you'll need
to keep IE to be able to access some sites which are written in
non-standards-compliant code (usually a result of using a MS product) which
requires an equally non-standards-compliant browser.  And, of course, you'll
still need IE to be able to get all those MS security fixes.

I use Firefox for 99% of any browsing I still do in Windows, and 100% under


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> After an article on the BBC News website yesterday that the new Mozilla
> Firefox web browser had received huge support (and accounts for 5% of all
> browser use) I thought I'd have a look at it. Download was 4.7Mb and it
> installed flawlessly - the only thing to watch being the message about
> making it automatically the default browser. No problem there are IE6 also
> does this but I wanted to check it out first.
> In fact I am quite impressed. It's so similar to IE that you might not
> the difference - menus and options are so similar that you can settle in
> the browser very quickly. I'm going to keep it running for a while.
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