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Truth is Gerry that MS usually pitch the sim at projected hardware about
12/15 months into the life of the sim.

Alan has already posted a possible hardware profile and I'd tend to agree
with him. As well as the high end CPU, Raptor drives, 2Gb RAM and 600w PSU
he also suggests that Vista will be best with HD capability and so a HD DVD,
HD VGU and HD monitor are further items to go on the list. Quote:

"Vista supports high definition and High definition DVD drives for PC's will
be available soon BUT, unless your card is HDCP compliant, you won't be able
to see High definition pictures and your DVDs will only play back in
standard definition.

Also, you will need an HDCP compliant monitor or projector attached to your
HDCP compliant graphics card for the same reason."

Truth is that this Vista/FSX upgrade is going to cost a bomb in hardware
upgrade to run well.


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I've felt quite extravagant in buying the TripleHead 2Go and another 1Gb
of RAM.
With the possibillity of a future upgrade, if I ever buy FSX, I'd been
wondering what spec I should aim for. I know I'm not alone in trying to
aim high enough but not too high, whilst keepimg the price tolerable.

I've just been browsing through postings on the Matrox TripleHead forum
and stumbled across a thread on members' machine specs. ,I don't think I
can bear to go past the first posting, with the spec listed below. We FS
users are scratching the surface of obsession. Serious gamers seem to be
from a different planet. How about the following for a spec. If anyone
has the nerve to calculate a probable cost.....

Gerry Winskill

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Hi Haig,

I'm building my monster right now and hopping to try the TrippleHead2Go
with it. Here is what i got so far.

Tyan K8WE Mobo
2 Dual Core Opteron 270
8Gb of Kingston HyperX Reg ECC DDR400 (8 sticks of 1Gb)
4 WD RaptorX Drives (Going to run them in RAID 5)
Areca SATA PCI-X-133 RAID Controller with Built in CPU
PC Power & Cooling 1KW PSU SLI Ready

Sometime this month nVidia 7900GTX GPU's are ganna hit the market and i
will be getting 2 of them from BFG to complete this beast.

Because i want to use all 5 of my screens for this system do you think
it will be possible to use DualHead2Go with TrippleHead2Go on the same
system. According to nVidia with the new driver SLI will soon support
Dual Display.

I also really hope Matrox will add 64bit too. this system will be
completely 64 bit compatible and optimized and it will be nice to take
advantage of it.
2 x Opteron 270 ? Tyan K8WE ? 8Gb Kingston HyperX ? 2 x BFG 7900GTX SLI
? Matrox TH2G ? Areca SATA RAID ? 4 x WD RaptorX RAID6 ? Creative X-FI
Elite Pro ? Klipsch 5.1 Ultra ? PC P&C 1KW PSU ? 3 x Samsung 19" LCD ?
The System is Fully Water Cooled

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