[jhb_airlines] Re: Feeling Guilty Already

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Just a sprinkling.
The world hasn't gone totally downhill; just played a couple of Allison Moyet 
tracks from 
a CD of standards. Great. Followed that with TT04 DVD, on DVD player from SWMBO.
Off to open the wine; well someone has to.

Gerry Winskill

On 25 Dec 2004 at 11:16, Bones wrote:

> I see what you mean (says he typing quietly to avoid eternal
> damnation)..
> You got snow up in Ramsey? Nice sprinkling down here..
> Can't stop - off to pick up Mother in Law shortly..
> bones
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> Having just checked my email, and with SWMBO having been dug out of
> bed to answer a call from a friend in Australia, I noticed that
> ServInfo was still running. Having seen just one controller awake, in
> Brazil, but no pilots, I looked at the other two sources. Half a page
> of Vatsim pilots and nearly as many controllers. IVAO has two pages of
> flights in progress, many within Europe and in the UK.
>  Are they all widowers? If not, surley they deserve a medal for
>  conspicuous
> gallantry. 
> Not me; I've sneaked in and am about to sneak out again. Soon be Soap
> time and no- one will miss me.
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx

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