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It could be - which makes flight performance testing even more difficult.
For proper aircraft perf testing all weather will have to be turned off.

We once caught some ridge updrafts at FL100 near the Lake District that were
giving us over 1000fpm climb rate. To maintain FL100 the nose had to be
pointing down a bit and speeds were up from 180kts to 220kts. Good fun


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The APM20 that I use, in modified form, does 130 kias, at my usual
cruise settings. In FSX, on a couple of occasions, it's considerably
exceeded this, on the same settings. At the time it's bee held at 3000',
by the Auto Pilot. The increased speeds have been accompanied by a
definite nose down attitude; confirmed by looking via Spot Plane view.

Could it be that FSX has had significant upcurrents in the areas I was
passing through?

Gerry Winskill

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