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Rather interesting origins of this, as I just found out on a Google search..

"The history of "Trick'O'Treating" can be traced back to the early
celebrations of All Soul's Day in Britain. The poor would go begging and the
housewives would give them special treats called "soulcakes". This was
called "going a-souling", and the "soulers" would promise to say a prayer
for the dead.

Over time the custom changed and the town's children became the beggars. As
they went from house to house they would be given apples, buns, and money.

During the Pioneer days of the American West, the housewives would give the
children candy to keep from being tricked. The children would shout "Trick
or Treat!".


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The problem is that is it an American import, and should be sent back. I
take the battery out of the door bell chimer myself. Frank

Peter Dodds wrote:

>Father in law didn't answer the door and had beetroot thrown at
>his house.  I was a bit surprised, as our tribe of 6 year olds
>didn't even have any "tricks" to play.  To them it was all
>"treats".  the age of innocence soon passes. <sigh>.

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