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Doubtful for me but let's see what happens. Nice choice though as Lymm Dam
takes you over a nice bit of the countryside.

The Wednesday night event is now up on FPI and it will indeed be a Med

Athens International (LGAV) - runway length 4000m + ILS
Rhodes (LGRP) - runway length 3305m + ILS
Crete (LGIR) - runway length 2714m + VOR/DME approach only

Suggested routes:

Athens International to/from Rhodes (220nm)


Athens International to/from Crete (167nm)


Crete to/from Rhodes (155nm)


Charts for these airports can be downloaded from:


You just need to type in the airport ICAO code.

En-route charts can be downloaded from:


As LGIR is VOR/DME only I may plug in there - it depends on whether Athens
Centre is manned or not.


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Since SWMBO is out this evening, and since I wish to lock myself away
from blackmailing trick-or-treaters, I'll do a VFR map reading cross
country, this evening.
I'll fly from Rosemarket, in Pembrokeshire, to Lymm Dam, just off the
M56, West of Manchester Airport. I'll fly on FPI.

Anyone wishing to drop in to Lymm is welcome, provided you pick
somewhere other than Rosemarket as a start point.

If you start from South of Manchester then the approach to Lymm is
Northward, through the Manchester Low Level Corridor, from Oulton Park
VRP, until you're due west of Stretton, before striking across country,
to Lymm. Max height in the corridor is 1250'.
If there's anyone on Manchester ATC, you'll need clearance before
leaving the corridor for Lymm.

If you're coming from the North, you can seek your own way through the
controlled airspace labyrinth.

If running ahead of target 2100 Local ETA, I'll fit in an en route
landing and takeoff.

The destination is 8 dme, 281 deg from the MCT VOR. It's to the North of
the M56, between motorway and Lymm village; biggish village!

Gerry Winskill

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