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  • From: Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 17:13:56 +0100

A zipped list of all the farm strips, plus the ten from Pete Chapman, with their locations, can be downloaded from:


Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

Just a few further thoughts re flying Farm Strips. Some of you will already be familiar with the points but others may


When I started to do the farmstrips I had in mind that some users might not be up to the same speed as our exhalted group

and give up, before really getting involved, because of the difficulty of locating them. For that reason I decided to

allocate each field its own NDB frequency. They are there if needed. If you don't want them then you can do what I've

done and move all the .bgl files with NDB in the name to a separate folder. In fact I've moved them to become a separate

Scenery, called UK Farm NDBs. If you want them you just activate that scenery. If you don't, then disable it.

FSNav with FS9
FSNav will show the Fram Strip ICAO (more correctly Bones) code and name for each field. It will also display the NDBs....with the totally incorrect frequencies! I've never managed to find out how. All the farm

NDBs do, then, is clutter up the display. There's a way of removing them from the display, other than just unticking the

FSNav NDB button and not displaying NDBs anywhere. To do it you must first set up the NDBs as a separate scenery, as

described above. Now the inexplicable bit. Normally the FSNav database doesn't pick up any scenery that you untick, when

running it. In the case of the NDB scenery it does! The only way to avoid this is simple and effective. Before you run

FSNaveDatabse go to the folder where your addon sceneries live. Drag the NDB scenery folder out of there and park it on

your Desktop. Run FSNavDatabase, then put it back where it belongs. It works! I've far less hair than before I tried to

find a solution to that one!
So if you want to fly with a pseudo GPS in use, FSNav will fill the role.

I use version 7; the one that's FSX compatible but not the more recent version for which you have to pay again. If you're

using FS9 just run its database prog and the farm names and codes will be displayed. For reasons I haven't yet fathomed,

it won't display the NDBs, so I've no idea whether it gets the frequencies right. If you're flying in FSX, then the farms scenery folder will need to be active in your version of FS9, so that the

Database prog can find them. If you've bought the latest version then it looks in the FSX folder.

The built in Garmin units pick up the strips, though they are less easilly readable than FSNav or FSC.

Field Spotting
Although not as prominent as Default or GS fields, the farms do stick out slightly from the surrounding countryside. All

have some trees. In fact if they don't then I don't, now, set out to cover them. But the trees aren't just on the strip

and how do you know it's the correct strip and where are you likely to find the runway. One clue to the runway is the

wind sock, which tends to be a bit more obvious than some other objects. The socks are all placed in the same position,

relative to the runway, as indicated in Lockyears. Some of you won't have access to lockyears, so I'll try to tie in the

sock and the field with the selected farstrip description. BTW it's worth keeping an eye on eBay for a copy.

If you're using FS9 then it's straightforward. The VFR Terrain mesh is the best. If you're flying FSX and using t6he Horizon photoscenery, then it's less straightforward. The GenX mesh is said to be

more accurate. For mountains etc I'm sure it is. When you get down onto the ground then, for whatever reason, it most

definitely is not. If there is a farm strip runway area clearly visible, in a couple of cases with an aircraft footprint

on it, and there's a damned great gully across it then it is inaccurate; QED! So, when flying to and from farm strips I

use a saved version of Scenery.cfg in which all the GenX meshes are disabled and the earlier VFR Terrain mesh is enabled.

Mountains are possibly less accurate but there are no strips up there, so it's not a practical loss.

Enough for now. Back to making the full ist.

Gerry Winskill

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