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I would love to join in with this Gerry but I have the usual weekend
constraints. I'll only be able to join in if SWMBO intends going out for the
evening and I suspect this is doubtful.

If I can plug in I'd probably open up London FIR (not London Centre) to
provide basic VFR services to you - traffic information and weather updates.
I've not tried logging in in this position before but the FPI page suggests
that EGTT_INF is the appropriate callsign. If I get the chance I'll try this


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Following from the earlier postings on this topic, and to get it off the
ground, Tom Smith and  I will be aiming to fly into Maypole Farm, 2 1/2
miles SSE of Herne Bay, on Monday evening. I'll put the two Lockyears
pages, plus a couple of enticing screenshots, on my site, later
today.Anyone wishing to join us will be extremely welcome. Because of
the possible existance of conflicting MP sessions, this is an attempt to
kickstart this idea, without trying to lure anyone away from the other

The Flyin is meant to be a cross country map reading exercise, rather
than a fly in company,so there are a few basic rules, which entrants are
on trust to observe.
1) No GPS or FSNav to be used
2) No use of the farm's NDB
3) Any other navaids are OK, provided they are not used instead of map
4) No two participants to start from the same location; so post your
chosen starting point and it's first    come first served. The start
point doesn't have to be from a farm strip, the choice is yours.
Please      avoid starting close to any other entrant, since we want to
avoid follow my leader.
5) At least one en-route farm strip landing and takeoff to be made
6) As a courtesy to any FPI operators who might be on line, please file
a flight plan, including en route     VRPs and your chosen intermediate
landing strip.
7) Since we're flying VFR, avoid infringeing any controlled airspace areas.

 The aim is to be at Maypole Farm around 2100 to 2115, local time. The
FS time you set is your own choice. Your starting point may be anywhere
within the VFR GM areas, please don't feel you have to start in Kent, or
the surrounding counties.

If the FSMeteo weather is VFR, then I shall use that, on my own system,
but the choice is down to the individual. I suggest the FPI wind
direction be used for runway choice.This should be available by entering
.WX EGMH in the bottom ATOC slot. That should bring up the weather for
the nearby Manston.
In the unlikely event that the Manston position is active, we'll need to
contact Manston approach, for inbound clearance.

Bones, since we won't be relying on ATC for this exercise, if available,
why don't you join us in the air? Pity there's no ATOC listed Tiger Moth.

I suggest we use the Unicom frequency, to report passing en-route VRPs
and turning points. Also positions during airfield approaches.

The runway at Maypole farm is only 400 Metres, so a/c choice is
critical. So that we aren't all watching a growing collection of "Follow
Me" vans, if your a/c of choice isn't featured in the ATOC Flightplan
Aircraft list, can you please enter a near equivalent in the Filghtplan,
perhaps entering your real a/c in the Comments section. For instance,
I'll be flying an APM20 but will enter it as a C182RG.  Scenically, to get
the best out of the final strip, I'd definitely
recommend a visit to the VFR Database site, to get Kent Pylons and
Shep's AG trees for the area. They really bring the place to life.

If you're not available but would like to take part in the sessions,
then don't just rely on my sessions. With FPI, all you need do is post
to the list, giving a time and date that you will be flying, plus a
destination Farm Strip, and any of us available will be able to join in.
If I spot such a session I'll try to put the two destination pages on my
download site.

Gerry Winskill


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