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Agree up to a point but the one thing that FS is very bad at is aircraft

In FS aircraft show up as dots at very short range and they only turn into
recognisable aircraft at extremely close range. This isn't at all real - you
see aircraft much further away in the real world and they are recognisable
at reasonable distances.

The trouble here is that FS is trying to keep object size correct and so
something like a C172 will only cover a pixel until quite close. It's only
when it gets within a couple of miles that you see the pixel spread increase
enough to begin to see the shape of the aircraft.

This limitation was part of an FAA study in collision avoidance. They had
hoped that a simulator could be used to illustrate to pilots the need for
good visual scanning but found that FS could not supply the resolution. It
was impossible to use the sim to spot aircraft at a distance and then
predict whether a collision risk was likely (using the line of constant
bearing technique)..

I've flown alongside an RAF VC10 going into Brize Norton. By alongside I
mean he was on finals and I was just outside the zone about 5nm parallel. I
can tell you that it looked a darn sight closer! In fact it was enough for
me to check my position carefully because I was convinced I'd drifted into
their airspace..


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I am refering to the ID tag that is above all FS a/c, showing height/a/c
type a/c ID etc, this can be turned off from within the menu, or by
using ctl+shift+L for a cleaner display. It does distract when using
outside view or cockpit view, but is only visible when all other a/c are
within a 10nm range.
Real world a/c don't have this, so let's get real.

Bones wrote:

>>>In the real world, do you see other a/c tagged?.<<
>Not sure I understand that one..
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>It also hides your position from the other players, they cannot cheat
>by finding and homing in on your tag. In the real world, do you see
>other a/c tagged?. I automatically logged into the FPI voice server
>anyway, alto, if you want it to be private, I have a TS server ready to
>rock. Frank F

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