[jhb_airlines] Re: Farm Stip Fly In

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I am refering to the ID tag that is above all FS a/c, showing height/a/c type a/c ID etc, this can be turned off from within the menu, or by using ctl+shift+L for a cleaner display. It does distract when using outside view or cockpit view, but is only visible when all other a/c are within a 10nm range.
Real world a/c don't have this, so let's get real.

Bones wrote:

In the real world, do you see other a/c tagged?.<<

Not sure I understand that one..


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Gerry It also hides your position from the other players, they cannot cheat by finding and homing in on your tag. In the real world, do you see other a/c tagged?. I automatically logged into the FPI voice server anyway, alto, if you want it to be private, I have a TS server ready to rock. Frank F

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