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  • Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 16:21:01 +0100

OK - I'd assumed that all the strips were X9 allocations.


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That didn't work but extending the idea, by adding the following
section, below the existing United Kingdom line, has done the trick.

United Kingdom/X1/4/G/Control/50
United Kingdom/X2/4/G/Control/50
United Kingdom/X3/4/G/Control/50
United Kingdom/X4/4/G/Control/50
United Kingdom/X5/4/G/Control/50
United Kingdom/X6/4/G/Control/50
United Kingdom/X7/4/G/Control/50
United Kingdom/X8/4/G/Control/50
United Kingdom/X9/4/G/Control/50

They now show up in the UK panel.

Many thanks.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Try adding the following line to the Countries section of the
>ServInfo.dat file.
>United Kingdom/X9/4/G/Control/50
>You could also add the extra airports in the Airports section if you
>wanted but keep in mind that any updates you get tend to wipe your own
>changes out.
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>One point I forgot. If you do keep a watch on Servinfo, make sure you
>have the All Pilots list in view. Servinfo doesn't associate the Farm
>Strip airfield codes with the UK, so any JHB flights from and to the
>strips will appear only as foreign listed flights.
>Gerry Winskill
>Gerry Winskill wrote:
>>Thanks to Tom and Frank, for joining in last night's first session. No
>>problems, as far as I know, apart from Tom's difficulty in seeing us.
>>Perhaps for the next session, the first to log on might post to the
>>list details of the server to which he's connected. Any others could
>>then try to get on the same one. We used the JHB channel, which turned
>>out to be less constraining than my proposed Unicom channel; after I'd
>>remembered which transmit key to use!
>>Surprisingly, well it surprised me, we all arrived at Maypole Farm
>>within 10 mins. In fact Tom had to extend his circuit, to avoid me.
>>The fact that we didn't have FSNav enabled added to the pressure. If
>>the next check point didn't appear on time there was no quick glance
>>at FSNav, for reassurance. This happened to me a couple of times. I
>>took a deep breath and changed course at the appointed time. It's
>>amazing what a relief it can then be, to spot a mast, where it should
>>be, or from which you can re establish your position.
>>Thanks to Frank, for telling me something I didn't know. Pressing CTRL
>>Shist L removes the tags that both give away the location of the field
>>and, more serious, obscure the view of the runway, for later arrivals.
>>I'll try to set something up next Monday.
>>Meanwhile any VFR flight conducted on FPI is capable of becoming an MP
>>session. All that's needed is for anyone making a VFR flight to file a
>>flight plan. Others, spotting a JHB a/c on Servinfo, can look at the
>>flightplan and, if they wish, start a flight to the same destination,
>>from a different start point. I'll keep an eye on Servinfo, during the
>>day as well.
>>Gerry Winskill

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