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  • Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 15:00:08 EST

In a message dated 27/11/2006 18:52:41 GMT Standard Time, gwinsk@xxxxxxx  

Having  been critical of the approaches of a couple of addon purveyors, 
which I  still am, today's experience has been a revelation.

I'd tried the Tweak  Kev mentions, of setting the texture reolution to 
7cm; a tad OTT it felt  too. At that stage I hadn't thought I was 
suffering from the blurries,  though my textures didn't look as 3D as 
those in Horizon's pre launch  screenshots.

I also tried three other tweaks, mentioned on their  forum:


That, on my machine,  was a showstopper. All I had was blurries and I was 
unable to get out of  FSX, it just hung. It had to go!

Then I changed a couple at the same  time, unforgiveable but I wasn't  


Thanks for that Kev and Gerry, I've done the 3 Gerry did on my old machine  
and it seems to be much smoother, the joystick isn't so fiery, and the stutters 
 appear to have gone.
I'd seen a note previously on the the fiber time fraction, it said the  
default was .33 but reducing it to .20 would help increase the frame rates, so 
did. The author said it related to the time FS spent drawing scenery as opposed 
 to doing everything else. The note also mentioned it should divide easily 
into  1, therefore choices of .25, .20, .125 and .10 were also offered. I've 
got  it at 0.7 - as Gerry - and no problems. No doubt an explanation will  
Not sure what the BufferPools is all about, but following Gerry's  experience 
I've not touched it, in fact it doesn't currently exist in my  fsx.cfg
Frank T.

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