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  • From: Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 18:51:47 +0000

Having been critical of the approaches of a couple of addon purveyors, which I still am, today's experience has been a revelation.

I'd tried the Tweak Kev mentions, of setting the texture reolution to 7cm; a tad OTT it felt too. At that stage I hadn't thought I was suffering from the blurries, though my textures didn't look as 3D as those in Horizon's pre launch screenshots.

I also tried three other tweaks, mentioned on their forum:

PoolSize=5000000 That, on my machine, was a showstopper. All I had was blurries and I was unable to get out of FSX, it just hung. It had to go!

Then I changed a couple at the same time, unforgiveable but I wasn't concentrating:


I'd just previously locked my fps at 25.

With little hope of seeing anything dramatic, I took off from Barton, heading for GS's Manchester, of which more anon. The improvement was dramatic and highlighted the differences between the Horizon Generation X and the original VFR GM. The next leg, to Blackpool really showed that the opportunity that FSX provides, to run Generation X, really takes us into a new era. I did both flights at 130kias and at 1800'. Scenery was very sharp throughout, whereas in VFR GM it would be at the point of being unuseable for navigation. Having left Manchester I soon ditched the planned route and just followed the motorways. Heading for Barton, past Sale Water Park, I picked up the M63 at Worseley. That was confirmed by the easilly recognised Novatel Hotel; I've not been able to navigate using buildings before! Soon after that I could recognise the M61 intersection. Once along that and I spotted the ex British Leyland factory; the big redbrick one, on the right, travelling North. Preston was easy to pick out, as was the M section to Blackpool. With the view in three monitors it's easy to do a curved approach and that's what I did, to Blackpool's 07. A bit high so a steep descent, which was an eye opener. The houses were still sharply focused down to 700'. They were still identifiable as such, though not sharp, at 400'. Amazing. This scenery really would make it possible to fly VFR using a road map!

Quite a few users have been surprised that lower spec machines will run this scenery combination. One of the things that helps is that, in the absence yet of bespoke Autogen, the AG slider can be left at zero. My own feeling is that trees, bushes and buildings have so much more of a 3D appearance that the case for Autogen is less clear than previously.

Moving on to the "anon" bit, I'd actually set out to look at GS's Manchester and Blackpool airports. That was after spotting a download by Norman Dean, I think, containing flattens and excludes for a few of the fields. These two, though still showing the facet separation caused by FSX incompatibillity, were both useable. Almost anything is better than arriving at the bland Default versions.

Dear me, I feel quite weak after spouting all this praise. Most unlike me. I think I'll go for a lie down. No, a stiff drink will be more effective.

Gerry Winskill

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