[jhb_airlines] FW: JHB/FPI/ATOC Query

  • From: "Mike Brook" <mike.brook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Airlines" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 00:29:41 +0100

This reply to Mike may be worth reading by everyone else with full or
partial FPI connection problems.

You seem to be set up as FPI like it with ATOC installed on the same
machine as the Internet connection and FS on the second machine.
can be ignored for now because the software for the pilot module is
still being worked on. The weather servers are in place and they are
even operational sometimes but the data can only be retrieved on the
controller software.

The missing charts issue is something that has cropped up before but
can't recall who had this problem and how it got fixed. I've been
pouring over the FPI forum for help with Kevin's and Colin's problems
and the suggested help is rather confusing in that Stefan is
different fixes to different users. These include dumping Zone Alarm,
set up fixed rather than dynamic IP Addresses, not using crossover
cables for home LAN's, setting up a proxy server and, finally,
ATOC V1.9c and going back to V1.9.

One very detailed thread on IP Addresses and ports can be found at
It's rather long and full of graphics but it is worth the time to
through it. About halfway down the postings drift a bit off topic but
then there are a couple of really useful ones - including a pictorial
diagram of how FPI have set up their servers. Look for the post by
Ronald Vermeij about DirectX and how it can bu**er your settings up.


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> From: Mike Brook [mailto:mike.brook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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> To: bones@xxxxxxx
> Subject: JHB/FPI/ATOC Query
> Bones -
> Many thanks, my first assignment for this week has been
> completed already (I've taken advantage of the decent
> weather!) - I'll submit the report when I've completed leg 2.
>  FYI my FPI ID is now 507722, I had some email address
> problems when Mike Clark closed down the TecPilot site & so I
> decided to start all over again and got a new membership when
> I joined JHB.
> As I have already mentioned I've not seen anyone on TCAS so
> far and I've seen no-one else in the FS skies (probably down
> to the ranges??).  I have two queries: in ATOC I seem to be
> unable to pick up wx reports from airfields that are in my
> flight plans and I have been unable to display and/or
> download airfield charts in ATOC. Everything else seems to be
> working fine.  I'm running a two-pc LAN; ATOC & my ADSL
> connection are on PC1 and FS2004 is running on PC2 - the LAN
> is correctly setup as far as I can tell and I have all the
> appropriate TCP/UDP ports open in my firewall (ZA Pro).  Any
> Cheers
> MikeB
> JHB193
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> > From: Bones [mailto:bones@xxxxxxx]
> > Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2004 5:37 AM
> > To: 'Mike Brook'
> > Subject: RE: [jhb_airlines] Pilot Report JHB
> >
> >
> > Mike,
> >
> > I can't recall if I have already told you but your routes this
> > will be on the main pilot roster under your new Pilot ID of 193.
> >
> > Now that you are on the main list I change the rules
> > slightly in that I
> > don't demand a report from pilots each week (I know time
> > is valuable).
> > Just fire reports in when you have completed the
> > assignments and new
> > ones will follow automatically. Existing routes stay on
> > the pages until
> > flown.
> >
> > The only time limit I impose is a two month no report
> > period. If you are
> > MIA I send an email as a reminder and then you get a
> > further month to
> > report in. After a three month absence pilots are taken
> > off the active
> > roster and put into deep storage <g>..
> >
> > I hope you enjoy this week's routes.
> >
> > bones

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