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I'd heard about their claim to have cracked the ability to determine terrain
height ahead of the aircraft so it will be interesting to see what the
package contains. Current GPWS systems only work from the height
differential between the aircraft and the ground immediately below the
aircraft - the rate of closure determining the terrain warning.

If FSWidgets have developed true FLIR then it would be theoretically
possible to fly low level through valleys at night.. Probably more of
interest to our military enthusiasts.

Oddly enough, regardless if I use IE or Firefox, all the images on the
FSWidgets site still refuse to load..


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Just popped into the site John, had a look around, had a look at the screen
shots, no problem. FSWidjets will be releasing and is looking for beta
testers for their Multi Function Display for FS2004/Xplane unit. This will
display a range of functions such as terrain warning/ 2D 3D terrain maps
etc. Sounds quite impressive, no pricing as yet and not available as yet.
Frank F

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