[jhb_airlines] Re: FSX's GPS - The boring bit

  • From: Mr Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 17:47:16 +0100

Sorry, no screenshot.
It's the fifth digit wot does it. PFD reading 19,000 looks like 29,000 on the 

Second flight and the Airbus needs serious tweaking. On the glideslope with 
gear and full flap down, it's far too fast with the throttle closed. In manual, 
on ILS, the elevators are far too sensitive and it leaps about.
I did the first circuit on autothrottle, set at a reasonable 135kias. A 
combination of the AOA it needed to get down to 135, plus the fact the eyepont 
can't be adjusted, and I didn't see the runway until I touched down. A second 
attempt was needed. Once down and the reverse thrust is woefully inadequate.
I'll try to get the Aerodesigns, JHB, A320 in and see if that will work.

Gerry Winskill

Alex - Reheat.org <Alex@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote :

> Actually Gerry I haven't noticed this at all - just done a test and
> they seem to line up fine - have you got a screenshot? 
> Alex
> Mr Winskill wrote:
>   Have you noted one other oddity about the FSX Airbus?
> There's a big discrepancy between the PFD altitude and that in the analogue 
> standby inst.
> Gerry Winskill
> Alex - Reheat.org <Alex@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote :
>     Mr Winskill, 
> LOC does indeed initiate a single channel Localiser stabilisation when
> the aircraft is in NAV mode - I.E when following radio navigation or
> manual input procedures to the automatic flight system. 
> However the Airbus family is a full state Fly By Wire design, as we all
> know, and thus the aircraft is always, barring failure, driven by the
> IRS and FMC. 
> If an Airbus has an active FMC, and it is aligned (as it always should
> be) then upon engagement of autopilot in GPS mode it will always follow
> the Flight plan as dictated in the FMC. 
> HOWEVER, FS doesn't replicate an FMC for the A321 so you have to
> initiate a lock to the current navigation system by engaging the single
> channel lock - or the "LOC" Button - which, as I've already bored you
> with, would normally lock on to the localiser. 
> Essentially it is a work around done by MS to avoid complex programming
> and not at all representative of the Airbus avionics suite! 
> If you want a good (and I mean REALLY good) Airbus then go for the PSS
> series - stunning avionics simulation. 
> Anyone still awake? ..... any of those who still are actually care?
> thought not ;) 
> Alex

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