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  • From: "franklyn fisher" <ff006c5886@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 21:59:58 +0100


I have been waiting in vain for a Vista Demo. From various periodicals, I have had the impression that I could download and install same.

However, have just installed the FSXDemo.
And took it for a trial spin.

I first ramped up all the sliders to see what I could get with my setup, and locked the FR to 25.

Initial impressions.

Using the default Bomberdier at the Antilles, took off and flew around.

FR averaged high20s on takeoff, up to 25 over the sea, and went down to 10 on landing.

There was no jerking or stutters as there would have been pre FSX. It was smooth all the way.

The scenery. Well. unbelievable, and the water effects, almost as in real life, especially at ground level looking across the lagoon.
And even looking into the distance towards the sun, the way everything faded into it.

Initially used the 3D view, but was disappointed with the panel display.
I am not a 3D view fan anyway.
So switched to 2D, what a difference, so clear as to be almost real, and the crevat, is that the 2D panel can be made as tranparent as you like!!

A weird feeling looking through a semitranparent panel at the ground rushing by on takeoff!!

Everything else worked as per usual, so no new commands to learn, and it picked up my FS9 settings (I installed to a spare primary partition, on another drive).

My system is an AMD 3200/64, 1mb ram ATI 9600 Pro AGP and 17 inch LCD.

Will have another goes later, as I am not sure if my 2nd LCD is robbing the resourses, as I had problems running it initially.

Will definatly have to ramp up the video card, as it is holding back my system, but is it worth it at this point in time. the last ATI AGP was an X850 and they are still a bit pricey, might just manage an X800.

Thinks, check out Ebay.

At least I know I can run FSX on my current setup.

Those of who are already digging into the guts of FSX, you make me feel like a newborn babe. I will never get around to writing scenery, guages etc.

Frank F

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