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  • From: "Alex - Reheat.org" <Alex@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2006 16:28:41 +0100


In a rather Novel way the FSX demo buggers up my machine royally. The note that went out to the official Beta testers suggested not to move the sliders off the default settings (unless they were part of the Vista beta too)

In FS9 I get generally beautiful scenery (although my clouds are still awful) with everything set on max. About 30-80FPS is average on most flights.

However FSX on default settings see's me at 8fps. The Autogen looks awful (doesnt blend in with the ground at all) and the water is like flying over a moving mirror.

The bouncing in the seat currently can't be disabled to my knowledge so when testing my TrackIR I end up constantly having to adjust my head to see the instruments.

It just feels like a "Game" and not a simulation any more...oh well...we only have 2 weeks to wait and find out now eh?


franklyn fisher wrote:
Hi all
Late last night, downloaded and installed the latest FSXDemo dated 09/29/06.

Initial impressions.

Seemed smoother and faster, with ave FR at 30, until I looked and saw the sliders were pactically at the bottom.

A Duo core Extreme and top of the range Graphics beckons methinks.

The garish colors have been muted.

And the spacebar trick to center viewpoint is missing.

Whilst flying, I got the impression, that I was literally in the seat, until I realised that the cockpit itself was not fixed.

Trundling along the taxiway, it was bouncing up and down as if I was in a soft seat.

Accelerating down the runway, the view expanded slightly as if I was being pressed back in the seat.

And doing normal aerobatics, I got a sense of G force.

The actual movement was only very slight, and once you realise it is there, it is clear.

A bit like using TrackIP, but with only maybe 1 degree of movement.

I wonder what it would look like in a 3 view screen setup.

I could be wrong, but that is the impression  I got, and for me, made it just that bit more authentic.

The fixed cockpit never really looked right, and if the above is true, then the MS boys have been working overtime.

Anyone else downloaded it?? and checked.

Frank F

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