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  • Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 13:52:14 +0000

No thanks to GF but my setup is useable in FSX.
The problem of runaway and or insensitive dials, accompanied by the Autopilot module freezing, seems to have gone. The same problem appeared in FS9 and GF reckoned it was down to incompatibillity with the mobo chipsets. I tried their workaround of connecting the AutoPilot via its own USB 1.1 Controller card. That only increased the severity of the problem. I've now connected that module directly to one of the mobo's integrated USB 2 sockets. Nothing else connects via this one and the problem seems to have been solved. The other one, specific to FSX, is the fact that the GF-45 unit's left knob now controlls the first two frequency digits. The right hand knob controls the third digit and, when setting ADF, decimal point But for the non-appearance of the decimal place.. I've got around that by including an ADF gauge in the panels. This displays the decimal place as well, so I just watch the gauge when turning the right hand knob. The Xponder setting is different in FSX. It works the same way as the ADF setting. Once spotted and that one isn't a problem. GF were supposed to have produced a second patch by last week. No sign yet.

The unregistered version of the latest FSUIPC release will work with FSX but, if you normally use the stand alone Autosave .dll, the bad news is that it's now an integral part of the registered version of FSUIPC; the FS9 / FS2002 version won't work.

Since I'm now going to try FS Commander, I'll need to use WideFS, which, in turn, apparently requires the registered version of FSUIPC. I've not yet checked but I guess I'll be having to pay for registered versions of each. I'll also need to pay for FS Commander, since that trips after 35 minutes, if unregistered.

OTOH, I could stick with FS9 for Long distance flying, on-line, or learn to use the GF1000 as it's meant to be used.

Gerry Winskill

Tom Smith wrote:

how are you finding the go flight gear.what about fsuipc is it needed .Paul if you are about is fscommander any thing like fs nav
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I started to look at FSX as a sceptic; once bitten twice shy etc. With the launch of Generation X I became somewhat dischuffed at its launch condition. Over the past few days I've been flying between the various farm strips, to check whether they are useable in FSX. In the move to a new machine, naturally, I'd lost all the old saved situations, that I used to position myself at the required strips. Not being able to use the short cut I've been forced to fly into them. So far I've checked 21, so only another 74 to go!

I'd started this job thinking it would be a chore. In fact it's turning out to be the sort of job you look forward to getting back to, each day. The GenerationX has transformed it! Taking off from Oldbury on Severn, heading S E to Manor Farm, took me across a couple of large extraction sites, either side of Yate. The realism of big pits like this is now staggering. When doing the strips in FS9 I've flown over them before. They looked like sandy areas. Now they're bloody great holes in the ground, with all the strata and paths knife sharp. One of them comes almost to the motorway's hard shoulder. You wonder what posessed them to build it so close to the edge of a huge crater.

Looking at Lockyears I see I've got only one landing direction available, with a curved finals, to avoid the village. The village is so clear I'm waiting for some retired BA Captain to emerge and wave his fist at me!

Those of you who've not yet taken the plunge don't know what you're missing. The forums suggest people are getting decent results on low spec (ish) machines. When you think about it the demand, doing the VFR flying I'm currently enjoying, isn't high. The scenery is so realistic I don't need any Autogen. In fact I'm resisting the temptation to add FS9 VFR Addon AG, I'll wait for the bespoke stuff. The GenX scenery, apart from the load time, doesn't seem to run any slower than FS9. The UK2000 fields aren't all acceptably compatible but I wouldn't be using major airports for VFR anyway. Just using the farm strips gives me somewhere to leave and destinations to use, as an excuse to enjoy the scenery. Looked at realistically, all FSX is, for me, is the essential vehicle for the second generation photo scenery. The only current negative is that I can't use it for MP; well not the PClub server, anyway.

Gerry Winskill

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