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That purple roofed house used to belong to our SATCO. I think his wife is
still in it - he has long gone to the VCR in the sky.


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If you happen to have these two sceneries, plus the farm strips, I can
definjitely recommend a few hours flying in Devon and Cornwall. The
photscenery in that area is superb. I know Snowdonia is spectacular but
I'd be surprised if many real world GA aircraft spend a lot of time
exploring the area. I'll bet those that do don't need laxatives.

The rolling South West countryside has lots to see. In the St Mawgan
area the photoscenery now really does justice to the clag mines and
spoil heaps, which are quite spectacular in real life.  The villages and
small towns really come to life, with the new scenery's definition. It
really is a change to be able to identify the different roof colours.

Thinks. Must have a look at Ballasalla, to see if the purple tiles on
the roof of the house on the road in from Douglas really show up. I
might even drop a bag of flour over S.....lett Close!

Gerry Winskill

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