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Hi Paul,
The last suggestion is the one for me. In fact I've already done that with the Baron, to save it with the inst pan already displaced to its own monitor. I've done this quite a lot in FS9 and save the setups whilst located at Belfast City. Since, sadly, that's outside the VFR GM area, loading is significantly quicker..

No one else out there with GoFlight kit and FSZ?

Gerry Winskill

Paul Reynolds wrote:

Gerry, In your Docs\Application Data\MS\FSX Directory you've a directory
called Controls, within that there's an XML file which contains the

- <Entry>

Not being an XML expert, (I've never even looked at it) but could a change
here effect the set-up you want?

I cant find a reference to Avionics Master though.

Alternatively can you go in, turn off the offending switches and save this
configuration as a default situation as we would do in FS9?

I'm sure others on the list can advise.


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In despair at the effect of FSConfig for FSX, I first downloaded it
again, in the hope that something might have changed. It hasn't so they
either haven't started to sort it or are unaware of the bugs. I've tried
feeding info back but, although I'm logged in, the Forum says
I'm unauthorised to respond to a posting on FSX drivers.

Taking a closer look at what's there, running FSConfig only showed up
FSX. A bit of browsing shows that, unlike its predecessor, it has to be
pointed to the locations of FS9 and FSX. Otherwise it may just go
through the motions of updating.

With that done, the major bug is the inabillity to set the third digit
of ADF frequency, plus the decimal place. Starting with the Baron G1000,
I added the ADF adjust gauge from the Kingair. With this in it's
apparent that although the third GF-45 digit doesn't change its window
reading, it does change the frequency on the Baron's gauge. So adding
the gauge is an acceptable workaround.

Next, the GF-P8 buttons that I've set up for Battery Master and Avionics
Master work in reverse. But there's no facillity for setting it up. Here
the glitch seems to lie with FSX. A look, eventually, at the Baron's
popup Switch Panel shows that those two gauges are defaulted to the on
position. Daft when all others on this dead aircraft are in the Off
position. That means popping up the panel, after loading the aircraft,
just to switch them off, so they can be switched off from the buttons!
There must be a way of changing this so it's loaded with switches off,
but I know not how.

The Baron's G1000 panel is quite realistic but, possibly indicating the
advance of GPS, it has no ADG gauge. Again I've put one in; this time
from the analogue Baron.

Who said it's supposed to work straight out of the tin?

Gerry Winskill

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