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MS have always produced poor bitmap sets for the default aircraft. They look 
detailed enough but the whole exterior airframe tends to be bunged onto just 
one bitmap - great from a distance but woeful close up.

What I did notice about the FSX textures is that aircraft now have three 
externals bitmaps. One is the texture itself with a 256 bit Alpha channel. A 
second is called bump and I guess this is bump mapping - the bitmap itself 
being nothing but various shades of blue. A third is called spec and I guess 
this is for specular highlighting.

All three bitmaps were present in the Baron folder but as I couldn't use FSX 
I never found out what they produced on the visual model.


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After flying the iffy FSX Airbus, I loaded the FS9 Aerodesigns A320. I 
included all its gauges in the Panel folder and it loaded without protest. 
No comparison between the two. The Aerodesigns version has none of the more 
iffy characteristics of the FSX Airbus. On landing, the reverse thrust is 
very effective. Externally it's greatly superior. One of the big let downs 
in FSX, for me, is the poor exterior quality of its Default aircraft. After 
the pre launch hype I'd expected to be able to count all the rivets etc. On 
my system the paint lines aren't even sharp. It's not the system because the 
Aerodesigns version is crisp.

Gerry Winskill

NOCC, http://nocc.sourceforge.net

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