[jhb_airlines] FSX XML gauges

  • From: FrankTurley@xxxxxxx
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 12:26:57 EST

This week's lessons -
Use both the ACE tool and XML Notepad for editing. ACE is good for setting  
up new gauges and elements as it provides a table of properties to be 
completed,  and it also has layout guides for the various elements and the 
mouse areas. 
XML  Notepad is useful to see the detail only where you need to as it only 
explodes  the view where requested, whereas ACE explodes the complete view by 
default. XML  is easier for tidying up as it allows cut and paste easily and 
a handy  "nudge" facility to move nodes around the list, so you can keep the 
project in a  logical sequence. Both may be used for editing. I think the XML 
Notepad produces  smaller XML files, but I haven't looked to see why yet.
Funnies while testing the autopilot led me to examine the various  
aircraft.cfg files, in particular what lies beneath the [Autopilot] heading. If 
Autopilot_Available=1 then it should be there, and the same goes for  
Flight_Director_Available=1. Autothrottle_Available=1 allows access to the AT  
toggle and 
associated speed settings. Yaw_Damper_Gain=1.0 allows access to the  Yaw 
this is required as the YD function is not there as part of the AP.  I need to 
do some more research here too. It may be that the design of  a generic AP 
may be difficult, given the variations between aircraft.cfg  files.
I have also found that a gauge developed using ACE does not appear to work  
in FS2004. I need to do some more work on this, in particular by looking at the 
 generated XML code, to see if I can spot the cause of the problem here, as 
it  would be good to have gauges that worked in both versions. More research  
required again.
What started as a simple gauge project seems to have grown into doing more  
research than I thought, but it has been interesting, and is keeping me 
occupied  while waiting for the new generation hardware to emerge. I looked at 
Hardware site today, I see new generation graphic cards have been announced 
by  nVidia, for DX10, but I guess it will be some time before we see them  here.
Frank T.

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