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  • Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 18:31:09 +0100

Unfortunately I can find the SDK on the MS web site. Maybe it will turn up
in due course.

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Sounds like the Ace tool, once mastered, is a lot better than trying to
build gauges in Notepad!
Can it open previously designed gauges? That is to say does it let you look
into any gauges in your FS9/X folders?

No, it won't open the old gauges. I'm not too concerned about that because
once you master the ACE tool and the absolute minimum requirements for a
gauge to display, you can easily copy the guts of the existing code (i.e.
the display string) straight into a working template.
This is true for the digital gauges I'm working on for my MiniPanels, I
guess your projects would be more complex. Nevertheless, breaking the
project into single elements should make gauge building and maintenance a
lot easier. As you say, much easier than Notepad!
Frank T.

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