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Yep - always specify a size for the gauge in the panel as it helps a lot
debugging later.
The other trick is to substitute your dial for an existing one because that
way you know where it will appear on the screen - you don't have to hunt
around for it. By doing this you would also confirm if the fault is with the
panel.cfg or in the XML code.

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OK - just shout if you need help.

Thanks. I've discovered that its wiser for the panel files to include the
gauge size parameters, otherwise the gauges seem to be chopped to an
arbitary length, or maybe its me!
I now have a test panel with the old format XML gauge working, the sample
gauge supplied with the SDK working, but my gauge refuses to show itself.
Tomorrow I plan to create a simple gauge with one text element that displays
the word "Test". If I can crack that it might give me a clue where mine is
falling down. I promise that if I can't crack it myself I'll send you a copy
to look at before I jump out of the window!
Frank T.

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