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  • Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 18:03:14 -0000

If you create a basic text gauge to show AltAlertInit and AltAlertVal do
these change at all?

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There are some variable's I just don't know so your code may not have to be
anything as complex as above. For example a simple 
      <Click>46 (&gt;K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) (G:Var1) ! (&gt;G:Var1)</Click>

mouse click command toggles the altitude readout on and off - I'm not sure
how but maybe something similar could be used to trigger an audio alert when
you approach the selected altitude

I've got eveything working now except setting the default altitude in the
Alert Box. I think I'm alright with the script, it reads -
(L:AltAlertInit, Bool) 0 == if{ 1 (>L:AltAlertInit) 6000 (>L:AltAlertVal) }
which, I think, tests the value of AltAlertInit, and if its 0 (as it would
be first time around), it sets it to 1 and the Alert Box Value to 6000. I
have created an element with a dummy gauge and put the script in the gauge
script, but it doesn't seem to work. I don't want to put the script in a
mouse click as it wouldn't work automatically. Any ideas where it might

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