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  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 14:04:17 EDT

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NAV1 should be easy enough but don't  forget to add code that creates dashes 
on the display to show when  the unit is on but not receiving a valid signal. 
Something like the string  below which gives distance and frequency:
<String>%((A:NAV1 SIGNAL,  bool))%{if}%((A:NAV1 DME, nmiles))%!03.1f! 
%((A:NAV1 ACTIVE  FREQUENCY,MHz))%!03.2f!%{else}--- -----%</String>
For NAV1 ident don't forget that you have  to be careful not to use the code 
for aural ident rather than the station  morse ID.

I did these as separate gauges before, as I recall my code gave me blanks  
when out of range so I guess FS set that up for me as I didn't try to account  
for it. I did IF THEN ELSE in Basic but in Reverse Polish its something else, 
if  you'll pardon the pun!
My next task is to make a two element gauge that works!
Frank T.

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