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One thing  about FSX is that it has the most brilliant list of all its variables available in the SDK. I did think about uploading this but have checked the size of the SDK folder and its 125Mb.

Might dump the variable list to .txt and attach here if anyone is interested?


Bones wrote:
Unless someone has already looked at this we can't be sure that FSX uses the same Variable list as FS2004. Technically it should because the gauges are supposed to be backward compatible but we know from past releases that cock ups aren't all that rare. Like when they changed the scenery engine code between FS5 and FS5.1 which resulted in any mountains that users had designed that had a height of exactly 4000ft now rose to infinity in FS5.1 - a barrel of laughs that was.
What A variable are you trying to display?
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The other trick is to substitute your dial for an existing one because that way you know where it will appear on the screen - you don't have to hunt around for it. By doing this you would also confirm if the fault is with the panel.cfg or in the XML code.
Yes, that makes sense.
Just had another quick play before going to work, I first created a new gauge that contains the word "Test". This worked. I then amended the string parameter from "Test" to the previously used evaluation string using the A variable, this one displays ok but sticks doggedly on the zero value! 
I have to disappear to work now, but hopefully tonight I can work through the code listings to see if I can identify the rogue area(s).
Frank T.
Frank T.

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