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  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 03:51:28 EDT

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The other trick is to substitute your dial  for an existing one because that 
way you know where it will appear on the  screen - you don't have to hunt 
around for it. By doing this you would also  confirm if the fault is with the 
panel.cfg or in the XML code.

Yes, that makes sense.
Just had another quick play before going to work, I first created a new  
gauge that contains the word "Test". This worked. I then amended the string  
parameter from "Test" to the previously used evaluation string using the A  
variable, this one displays ok but sticks doggedly on the zero  value! 
I have to disappear to work now, but hopefully tonight I can work through  
the code listings to see if I can identify the rogue area(s).
Frank T.
Frank T.

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